Featured Artist: 

Amanda "Fucking" Palmer is the consummate innovator both on and off the stage, and it was through her inspiration that The LoanSpark Collective was born.  Click here to learn more about Amanda or to partner with her on her own LoanSpark campaign!

Unlike traditional loans, LoanSpark loans return "Creative Interest."  A LoanSpark lender loans money to an artist—a musician, for example—with a solid track record of producing and monetizing art.  After a specified amount of time (usually after an album is released if it's a musician), the artist pays the loan back in full.  But here's what makes a LoanSpark loan different:  in addition to returning your money, you and the artist together choose a charity and the artist donates his or her time and creative energy to helping that charity raise money.  And you get the credit.  For example, your charity might get a free show by the artist, or a special appearance at an event, or a unique piece of artwork.  That's "Creative Interest."  You and the artist decide, and together you fill the world with more peace, love, and music.  All just because you lent a talented artist some money and got it back later.

Who can participate
Lenders:  While you don't need to be a millionaire to participate, you do need to have a substantial chunk of cash that you can do without for a little while; probably around $25,000 depending on the artist.  But remember, you're not donating the money, you're just loaning it. 

Also, you should love art and have in mind some charities you'd like to help.  If you're interested, email us at lenders@loanspark.org and we'll connect you with some artists.

Artists:  Anyone can place the LoanSpark Collective Member icon on his or her website (embed code can be found to the right) to indicate a willingness to participate in the LoanSpark process.  But if you're serious and have a track record of producing great art, you should email us at: artists@loanspark.org.